Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ok, just a teaser!

Just what would YOU do when your kitchen counter looks like this? We have become the proverbial neighborhood zucchini pushers. You know the joke about not leaving any of your car windows open while at church because you'll come out to find a seat-load of zucchini? Or did you hear the one about the neighbors who no longer answer their doorbells? Don't they know that we'll just leave the zucchini on their doorstep? The other day G tried to give a bag to his buddy who was picking him up to go to the flea market. Evidently his buddy has been harrassing HIS neighbors as well because of his garden blessings.

So, the first recipe I will post will be one of my own and in a small way how we are dealing with our zucchini blessings.

As far as this blog's design, I'm still hoping my brother can help me with some pictures, but at last report he tried to send them to me, but it didn't work and they were lost on his computer somewhere. Since he's quite far away from me and I can't really help him, I may have to go out to our storage unit and unearth my family archives box! Not looking forward to that one bit!

Num Num!

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Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Teaser is right. I was so hoping to get the stuffed zucchini or zucchini salad recipes. Guess I'll have to check back later. Have fun with your new blog. It's looking great!
Patricia :o)